Welcome to our website, S.D Electrical Services.

We are two qualified and experienced electricians working together to provide a professional and quality service. We are based in Sheffield but travel the UK to assist customers just like yourself. We associate ourselves with anything domestic, around the home or garden. Our main focus is customer service, giving our customers what they want at best value for money possible. We visit you ourselves to quote, work, and aftercare any jobs you contact us about so to avoid mis-communication and to make sure the job is done exactly to your standards. We always stick to what we say, never let customers down, and do the job to a standard that both you and we are happy with. Unlike some other companies, we do not charge for quoting jobs, neither do we put extra onto the cost of materials, we provide a reasonable price for our labour, and that's that! We try to be unique, quote unbeatable prices and keep our customers happy, and our past customers think we have done an excellent job of it so far. We hope your experience with us is the same, however long you deal with us for, be a day or a decade!

Contact us now to experience our service and get your own personal quote!


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